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DDLG Lifestyle Articles:

What is DD/LG?

There are many different and dynamic things that create an enjoyable relationship. Each of us is different, with our own preferences and ideas on things we enjoy and like. Sometimes, these desires ...

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Abusive Doms and What to Look Out For

In any BDSM relationship, abuse is something that we always need to look out for. While a traditional relationship has very obvious signs that things aren’t going the way that they should be like p...

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Beginner’s Guide to DD/LG

A DD/LG relationship can be extremely rewarding for all kinds of couples. There are many new and interesting sensations to explore, and it can bring a completely different dynamic to your existing ...

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DD/LG Aftercare

Aftercare is probably the most overlooked part of our sex lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a completely vanilla relationship or take part in some of the most extreme BDSM sessions possibl...

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DD/LG Contracts

Contracts are an integral part of any BDSM relationship, and DD/LG is no different. With the exchange of power present in these relationships, it’s often left up to the dominant partner to plan out...

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DD/LG: Terms and Language

When trying to learn more about DD/LG, you’ll come across many different abbreviations and terms. Many of these will be unfamiliar, and it can make your reading a little difficult until you underst...

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International Princess Day

We have many days throughout the year to celebrate the important people in our lives. Father’s Day and Mother’s Day happen every single year, so why don’t we have a day just for our Princesses too?...

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The Psychology Behind DD/LG

When they first encounter DD/LG, many people’s initial reaction can be quite negative. They might wonder why someone would enjoy it, think it’s strange, or even be a little disgusted. Once you move...

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