What is DD/LG?

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There are many different and dynamic things that create an enjoyable relationship. Each of us is different, with our own preferences and ideas on things we enjoy and like. Sometimes, these desires can take us down a path less trodden into an unfamiliar kind of relationship that many people won’t know or even think about!

DD/LG relationships are one of these more unusual relationships. Keep in mind that we mean less common when we say unusual, and not strange or wrong. As long as both partners are enjoying a DD/LG relationship, then it’s just as normal as any other! It might be that you aren’t quite sure if this is the style of relationship for you, or perhaps you want it, but you need to find a good way to explain it to your partner. In this article, we’ll be giving you the basics of DD/LG and some of the things you might need to consider when starting this kind of relationship.

What is DD/LG?

daddy dom/baby girl dynamics

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Many of the people who end up on these kinds of websites will already know exactly what DD/LG is and what it entails. For beginners though, you might not even know what the letters stand for!

DD/LG stands for “Daddy Dom/Little Girl”.

Now, if you’ve never heard of this before, there’s probably all kinds of alarms going off in your head right now. We should assure you right from the start that this practise only happens between two consenting adults! There’s no foul play going on here, and this isn’t a way to indulge in anything illegal or immoral. It’s simply a different style of relationship that the participants can find enjoyable.

DD/LG falls under the larger umbrella of BDSM and shares many elements with other styles of BDSM relationships. You might often find it referred to as DD/LB (Daddy Dom/Little Boy), MD/LG (Mommy Dom/Little Girl) or MD/LB (Mommy Dom/Little Boy). These terms are a little less common though as the most common relationship is between a Daddy Dom and a Little Girl.

The primary features that make up a DD/LG relationship are Ageplay, Power Exchange, and Punishment. Some of these features can be found in many other BDSM relationships to some extent, such as a relationship involving a fetish of older men or women, or a more traditional slave/master power exchange. Most of the time, the way these elements are used are the key difference, as everything revolves around creating an environment similar to a parent caring for their child.

While these elements can give you an idea of what a DD/LG relationship might involve, it’s impossible to give a one size fits all definition. Each relationship will be different and can incorporate whichever elements they enjoy. At the end of the day, it’s simply down to you and your partner to decide what DD/LG means to you!

What is a Daddy Dom?

daddy dominant

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The Daddy Dom role of a DD/LG relationship will usually be the easier one to understand. As expected, the more dominant partner will adopt the role of the Daddy (or Mommy) Dom. Unlike traditional Sub/Dom relationships though, there is a lot more for a Daddy to consider. In these relationships, the submissive might want to be cared for and made to feel safe rather than being exploited or restricted by their dominant, which can be very different from a more traditional Sub/Dom dynamic. A lot of the Daddy’s focus will be on caring for their Little much like a parent.

What is a Little?

little girl sub

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The Little is the other half of the DD/LG dynamic. Individuals who enjoy little play are submissives, but rather than enjoying the traditional position of weakness found in a Sub/Dom relationship, they enjoy a very specific kind of submission. Littles like being treated like children! What kind of child is completely up to your Little, and almost everything can vary. From age to behaviour, or even personalities, the persona a Little takes on is completely up to your partner and can vary just as much as real children.

When a Little adopts the persona of their chosen child, they are often referred to as being in “Little Space”. Much like some other styles of BDSM, “Little Space” is a frame of mind in which the submissive is completely free to adopt his or her chosen role and explore it fully without any considerations to the Little’s usual adult life. You can play with toys, colour pictures, watch children’s movies, do homework, whatever you feel is appropriate!

What Is a CG (Caregiver)?

caregive/little dynamics

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During a DD/LG relationship, there will often be references to the CG or Caregiver. This will usually be the role adopted by the Daddy or Mommy. In rare cases, however, a third party may temporarily take over the role of caregiver just like a babysitter with a real child. Put simply though, the Caregiver is another name for the more dominant party in the relationship.

Taking on the role of Caregiver in a DD/LG setting might often be viewed as being able to exercise control over the relationship and enjoying this control. For some CGs, this will definitely be the case, but a lot of the time, it’s much more complex. In taking responsibility for the care of the Little, the CG is automatically placed into a position of trust and power. This power can give the impression that the Little will be the one receiving the most attention, but by demanding attention from the CG, the Little is actually giving back just as much attention. Even Daddy’s and Mommy’s who feign that the constant pestering irritates them. Secretly, they usually enjoy the attention of their Little.

If we take a much wider viewpoint though, it’s simply human nature! We all have it within us to care for each other, even without any potential reward. Men, in particular, are often compelled by the urge to protect and care for women, giving a psychological reason that the majority of these relationships take the form of Daddy Dom/Little Girl.

How Common is DD/LG?


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When first introduced to the world of DD/LG relationships, many people will think that this is a very unusual and uncommon lifestyle. How many people are really getting home in the evening and adopting the personality of a child? Like almost any kind of relationship, the answer will probably be an awful lot more than you think!

When you break it down though, it really isn’t that surprising. In more recent years, more and more of us indulge in all kinds of activities that we used to enjoy in our childhood. Whether it’s collecting stuffed toys, playing video games, or simply enjoying children’s tv shows, we all have our own guilty pleasures. Over time, society has generally become much more accepting of people enjoying these things, and it’s only a small jump to enjoy more of the childish lifestyle.

Despite DD/LG relationships becoming more common, you might still find it difficult to actually see or talk to others about them. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding these relationships, especially if you take on the role of a Daddy. Many couples will restrict their enjoyment to safe spaces like their own houses and gardens. Luckily, the internet helps break down many of these barriers, and with a short google search, you can find many communities willing to welcome you.

Does DD/LG Have to be Sexual?

little space information

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A common question found on various DD/LG websites and message boards is whether or not a DD/LG relationship needs to be sexual. It might seem like an odd thing to wonder, as nearly all BDSM relationships you’ll encounter will be sexual. This is quite simply because those relationships tend to gather more mainstream attention, so you’ll hear about them a lot more. There are plenty of couples who enjoy many kinds of caregiving relationships in a completely non-sexual way, or simply keep their sex lives separate from their DD/LG lives. As long as there are two consenting adults, it’s basically up to you.

Why do People Enjoy DD/LG?

Daddy Dom/Little Girl

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For those of you who are just discovering the world of DD/LG, you’re probably wondering what the appeal is. There are literally tons of different reasons, with each individual couple preferring different elements. Whether it’s the control of being in charge, the satisfaction of caring for another or being looked after, or simply the freedom that comes with “Little Space”, it doesn’t matter. As long as both partners are interested and happy to try it, then a DD/LG relationship might be something that’s just for you!

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