Small Pink Heart-Shaped Steel Butt Plug

Small Pink Heart-Shaped Steel Butt Plug

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A lover's quarrel that happens more often might be a sign that you need a break. Slow down, and talk things through with your partner. You might be missing the heart of the matter. And speaking of heart...

This metal butt plug will put an end to all the fighting. It has a pink heart base to make your ass look more enticing while wearing it. When generously lubricated, the teardrop-shaped body and smooth polished surface make insertion effortless.

Include this device into your plays to ease the tension in your relationship. You have nothing to lose!

Color Jewel - Pink
Butt Plug - Silver
Type Jeweled Plugs, Princess Plugs
Material Metal

7 cm (2.76 in.)

Width 2.8 cm (1.10 in.)

Single plug


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