Beaded Ebony Princess Plug Set

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Your silicone anal plugs feel a bit inadequate after you've been using them for many years. This is the right time to try out some heavy hitters like this princess plug set.

The stunning details on this plug are outstanding. In addition to a smooth insert, you'll also get an ornament on the butt. This set offers three different measurements to cater to the changing levels of pleasure. Do not forget to be generous with your water-soluble lube for a better experience.

This is the change you are looking for. Order now!

Color Jewel: Black, White
Plug: Silver
Type Butt Plug
Material Jewel: Acrylic Crystals
Plug: Metal

Small - 2.78 in.

Medium - 3.19 in.
Large - 3.66 in.


Small - 1.06 in.

Medium - 1.34 in.
Large - 1.57 in.

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