Iridescent Jeweled Steel Butt Plug Set

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It's men's nature to be adventurous in bed. Even when their cock is welcome inside your pussy, they still gatecrash the backdoor. What to do?

Prepare your ass for some wild adventure when you plug these iridescent steel butt plugs into your back tunnel. Start with its small size if you're a beginner. Gradually use the medium and large ones as you get the hang of them. Dilate your hole and open it to limitless possibilities in sex!

No other products offer a three-in-one set, so make sure to grab this great deal today!

Color Rainbow
Type Butt Plug
Material Jewel: Acrylic Crystal
Plug: Metal


Small - 2.76 in.
Medium - 3.19 in.
Large - 3.74 in.


Small - 1.06 in.
Medium - 1.34 in.
Large - 1.57 in.

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