Card Suit-Inspired Jeweled Plug

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It's okay to gamble and have fun sometimes. But don't take such risks when it comes to pleasure!

This jeweled butt plug guarantees you and your Little will have the hottest and safest sexual experience of your lives! Putting the "ace in the right hole" will be easy with its tapered end and smooth shaft. Its card-suit-inspired base keeps the game rolling and ensures that the toy will stay in place. Simply lubricate your sub's ass, and the tool will glide effortlessly.

Never put your partner's butt at risk! Grab this toy now!

Color/Type Plug: Silver
Jewel Design: Black, Purple, Pink, Red
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 2.91 inches (73.8 mm)
Plug’s Widest Point: 1.06 inches (26.8 mm)
Base: 1.08 inches (27.4 mm)

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